Motion Capture Sessions - Processing and other facilities:
Once a session has been recorded we can then process and supply the data as you require:

  • Data cleanup, post processing and resampling framerates.
  • Manipulation and editing for blends, loops and retargeting to characters.
  • Additional animation e.g. hands, face, props, general movement.
  • Conversion to various file formats including:
    Kaydara/Autodesk FBX, Biovision (BVH), Acclaim (ASF), CS (BIP).
  • Compatibility with 3D software packages including:
    MotionBuilder, Maya, 3D Studio Max, SoftImage XSI, Houdini, Cinema4D
  • Video Reference material from session.
  • Delivery of motion files (via CD-Rom/Internet/FTP).
  • Additional support tools or development of custom file formats / data streaming.
  • Changing area.
  • Wireless LAN Internet, telephone, webstreaming.
  • Full video production facility (Red Balloon), Blue/Green Screens.
  • On-site showers, shops.
  • Professional after sales support.


Sessions Post Training