Motion Capture Sessions:
Sessions are available to all, with complete pre/post production support:

  • Full review of requirements, specification of shots list, and file name conventions.
  • Testing and adaption of characters/skeletons for use with Mocap.
  • Sourcing of actors to suit the project requirements.
  • Manufacture or acquisition of custom props/equipment/furniture.
  • Half/Full day sessions available.
  • 1 - 3 person(s) full body capture.
  • Projection system with real-time live feedback (stick man, 3D, or on your characters!).
  • 10 Raptor-E MotionAnalysis motion capture system (5m x 5m x 3m area).
  • Use of in-house props (treadmill, furniture, stairs, etc).
  • Use of in-house equipment/audio/video for shoot.
  • Support of our experienced mocap team throughout production.

Please contact us with any enquires and for pricing.

Post Processing and Facilities

Sessions Post Training