Jam Crowd Sim 40ft Under Falls of Clyde Sky Fall 3 Ways to Die

NCCA Animation/FX Student Project Work (using our Mocap):

Jam by Peter Claes
1:09, 25MB, AVI (xvid)

Army Crowd Sim by Jo Plaete et al.
Group Project, Massive, XSi
2:18, 154MB, Quicktime (mov)

40 Feet Under by Edward Hicks
Maya, Massive
0:56, 142MB, AVI

Falls of Clyde by Patrick Anderson
2:13, 14MB, Quicktime (mov)

SkyFall by Matt Birkett-Smith
Mocap Head FoV for FX Shot
3:18; 58MB, AVI

3 Ways to Die by Oli Fletcher-Jones
4:12, 95MB, Quicktime (mov)

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