About AccessMocap

AccessMocap is a motion capture studio based at Bournemouth University and is part of the Media School / National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) faculty.

We provide mocap capture facilities, animation production, consultation and training.

Set-up in 2003, the studio has been actively involved in a vast array of NCCA born student projects, staff research and masterclasses.In 2011, a 10 Raptor-E camera-based motion capture studio has been set-up.

In addition to this we have undertaken many industry commercial projects, consultations and training, ranging from TV, CGI and Computer Games to the Arts, working with companies locally, nationally and internationally as far as USA, Italy and China.

We also conduct research in many fields, working with leading researchers at the University and our wide-ranging contacts in industry. Our current research project is Captive

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