What is Motion Capture (Mocap)

Motion capture is a technique which enables you to record the real-life movement performed by a human subject or object into a computer in the form of motion data.

Markers which can be tracked are placed onto the subject, for example, on the limb joints, hands, head, and feet of an actor. The actor then enters a capture space and performs the required actions.

The marker positions are recorded in 3 dimensions by the surrounding sensors as the actor moves about, this is saved as a take when each move is completed.

The motion data is then be processed, in realtime and/or post, and used in a multitude of applications, primary for realistically driven CG characters. Area's Mocap can be used in include:

  • Computer Games
  • Animations / Television and Film
  • Commercials / Promos / Live Events / Music Videos
  • Virtual Reality / Training / Architectural Walkthroughs
  • Medical Illustration
  • Art & Dance / Sports Training
  • Multi-Media / Flash Websites
  • Motion Libraries and Crowd Simulators